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Tiny vase box set

Tiny vase box set

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Tiny vases, delicate and diminutive, offer a unique charm to your living space. Perfectly sized to fit into the palm of your hand, these petite vessels are versatile in enhancing your home decor. Use them to display small blooms like delicate wildflowers or single buds, adding a touch of nature to any room.

Their compact size makes them ideal for creating mini arrangements on side tables, bathroom counters, or even your work desk. Place them strategically in spaces that need a subtle burst of colour or a hint of botanical beauty.

Embrace creativity by arranging a collection of these small wonders on a windowsill or as a centrepiece on a dining table. The simplicity of the tiny vases ensures that they seamlessly integrate into any interior style, from modern to rustic.

Furthermore, these miniature vases can be a thoughtful gift, symbolising the beauty found in simplicity. So, whether you're looking to adorn your home with a touch of nature or searching for a charming gift, tiny vases prove that good things do come in small packages.

Available in either a colour set, beige set, forest set or whittled set

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